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The creative community is a constant inspiration for us. We thrive by encouraging each other through our tribulations and triumphs. Amazing people, doing amazing things… many thanks for doing what you do!

Lowe Mill Arts and Entertainment – THE place to be in Huntsville if you are a lover of art, music, food, and fun. With over a hundred artists working in public studio spaces, three art galleries, a theater that hosts every imaginable kind of live performance, a record store, food stands, and dozens of events, shows, and classes every month, there is always something fun to do at Lowe Mill. This place is a diamond in the rough. Literally. The creative energy bursting from these walls is phenomenal.


Flying Monkey Arts – an independent creative community brought together by a collective of beautiful minds.
Fly Mo has seen many a neat things in it’s 8+ years of being a community in Huntsville and has grown tremendously since its early gypsy days. This wonderful collective strives on the love and support of local artists, folks, and community ideas.


The Switch House – This fabulously eccentric shop is located in the heart of Huntsivllle. Everything is locally made.. this place beams with homemade energy. Monique stocks the place with an amazing variety of organic soaps, eco-soy candles, bath products, organic dog biscuits, local art, one-of-a-kind, earth-friendly gifts and much more! If you’re in the area, you’ll want to stop in.  This place rules.


Connie Ulrich – A kindred soul with a love for nature. Her jewelry expresses her deep connection with the natural beauty of her Tennessee mountain farm and her childhood playground along the shores of Lake Michigan. Her work is organic in its evolution, unpretentious, and refined. The juxtaposition of diamonds and pebbles, sticks and stones is explored to create artistic and masterful pieces of jewelry.


Levi Hastings – Artist, world traveler, and experienced salsa dancer, Levi has a knack for combining childhood fairytales and grown up humor. His specialty? Topics concerning various beasts, fallen empires, foreign lands and suspicious figures. We have had the honor to work alongside him in the past, and we look forward to collaborations in the future.


Rich Britnell– creating hand rendered maps that are mostly coastal in nature, including gulf coast maps, treasure maps, pirate maps and old style sea charts of the American coastline. The artwork is based on history and real facts.


478 Creative– is an Auburn, Al based firm where the possibilities of design, art and creation are infinite. 478 has a team of talented professionals assisting in the fields of Design, Photography, Art, Graphics, and Marketing. They produce original pieces of museum-quality art and are also available for commissioned artwork and design consultation.


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