Roosevelt and Co

Roosevelt and Company is a new men’s clothing store located here in Huntsville, AL. The store front is a build out of the bottom level of a parking garage off the main stretch of downtown Huntsville on Clinton Ave. They offer a casual side of the store featuring designer jeans, shirts, and accessories. They also have a more up scale side of the store offering tailored suits. They also have a corner of the store that is home to a barber shop.

While developing the brand, they wanted to run with an industrial feel using raw steel and concrete to tie into the parking garage past. The biggest piece was the cash bar. It was designed to look like a industrial metal bar but hold the computers and all the behind the scenes running of the store. We created the frame and face from hot rolled steel and used exposed rivets to get a real industrial feel. We poured a concrete upper counter top and a lower counter top. Then we finished out the back with some Red Oak shelves and drawers. It turned out to be an amazing and detailed piece.

We created this display table using a metal base welded from hot rolled steel rod in a random pattern. Then a 6ft diameter 1/2 thick piece of tempered glass was added to the top to create an original statement piece.

In the loft waiting area, we created this reclaimed wooden beam coffee table. The beam was pulled from a collapsed school house in Prospect, Tn with the help of my dad. It sat on blocks for a few years at my parents farm before I finally found a used for it on this one of a kind coffee table. We added a metal base and 1/2 thick piece of glass to finish out this piece.

We created a series of rolling hanging racks and shelving racks for moving around the store and showing off different merchandise.

Interested in a custom project? Email us at

New Online Store

Drop Metal has a new online store! In order to better suit our growing customer needs, we have launched our own self hosted store. It has been a tremendous amount of work putting this all together and is really only getting started. We are trying to add new products each week as we bring everything up to speed. So check back often and share with your friends as we add new products that are only available through this online store.

The first products we have listed are our Distressed Aluminum House Numbers as well as a select few signage options. Spring is fast approaching and it is a great time to add some fresh curb appeal to your house with a high quality set of our one of a kind house numbers.

Emails us if you have any questions-

Check out the new store for yourself-


Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 8.49.07 AM


Metal Globe Sculpture

Recently I was commissioned to create a metal globe sculpture. I broke down,bought a tubing roller, and few sets of dies. This simple tool pretty drastically expanded our fabrication capabilities. I can now roll perfectly round rings in all sorts of different size stock, even square tubing! The particular commissioned globe called for several 4 foot diameter rings for the main structure. After the base and holding arm was finally completed, the finished globe came in about 5 feet tall!

I created a few paper templates to get the scale of the continents perfect. Then I cnc plasma to cut the continents from 14 gauge. I finished this piece off by welding the continents the ring structure I had already created. I think it turned out really awesome! Now I just need to make a 12 foot diameter!

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email me-

Thanks for looking!









Sterling Desk

Introducing the Sterling Executive Desk. This piece is jam packed with great features. It has a fully welded steel frame with a floating Red Oak top, adjustable height, printer drawer, heavy duty drawer slides, hand crafted stainless steel drawer pulls, aluminum inner panels, and a hidden cord management system. It is a unique blend of modern design with rustic taste. All of our furniture designed, engineered, and crafted to last numerous lifetimes! Contact us today if you are interested in a custom piece-



Sterling Desk_-4

Sterling Desk_-2

Sterling Desk_-3

Sterling Desk_

New Year, New challenges, New Beginnings.

Wow! 2015 was a great year for Drop Metal! We uprooted and moved our whole operation to the middle of the West side of Huntsville, Al. We renovated an old auto body shop and continued to turnout amazing work both locally and all across the globe. As we all start to settle into 2016 and look towards the year ahead, I want to tell say Thank you to everyone following along with this journey. Thank you for checking out this site, our work, supporting this small business, challenging us to push our limits, and being part of our lifestyle. We already have lots of exciting this happening and can’t to share!

So cheers to a New Year, new challenges, and new beginnings as we start another loop around the sun! May year be filled with joy, good health, and good times for all.


Recent Signage Collaborations

The last few months have been very busy creating the visions for out wide variety of customers.

A custom blade sign for a restaurant.

blade sign
Custom Blade Sign


A yard sign and flower bed marker.

Custom Outdoor Yard Sign
Custom Outdoor Yard Sign

A progress photo of a huge sign for Saranac Village in Upstate New York. Aluminum and Red Oak. This sign features a 10 layer aluminum graphic logo.

Saranac Village Signage
Saranac Village Signage for a Church Camp in New York featuring a layer graphic logo.

Just a few recent projects. Email us today ( for custom sign and metal working projects.


Hammered Rivet Aluminum Sign

Lately, I have been using aluminum more. It certainly has its own challenges because aluminum and steel don’t have many of the same properties. Everything from fabrication, to finishing, and painting are all different between the two materials. I decided to create a new Drop Metal sign to take to shows and exhibits. It is a smaller sign about 20 inches wide and  created from 3/16 aluminum. It has tabs on the back to hang or a stand were it can sit on it own. I used a technique I picked up from my friend, Connie Ulrich, using hammered rivets, in this case from stainless steel.

Turned out pretty nice!

Drop Metal rivet sign 6420

Drop Metal rivet sign 6419

Drop Metal rivet sign 6418


Drop Metal rivet sign 6417



Concert in the Orchard

The Athens Art League along with Isom’s Orchard in Athens, Al put on a dinner and concert in the orchard on October 11, 2014 to benefit the arts. The entertainment for the evening was none other then the Alabama Shakes! I was asked to create some pieces of art as a thanks to the Shakes for playing the event. I went to work and came up with some music inspired Drop Metal style art pieces.

Thanks for everyone that made the event happen!



AS Abstracts1

AS Abstracts2

AS Abstracts3

AS Abstracts4   AS-Abstracts7



AS Abstracts5

Trolley Tap House

A recently completed sign in Willmington, DE for the Trolley Tap House. Another successful project with Erin Marshall Design.

The Trolley Tap is double sided aged aluminum sign with riveted lettering for an industrial look. It mounts onto the front face of the building and a custom bracket to mount to the angle of the roof.



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