Drop Metal is a design collaboration studio with a focus on metal and complimentary materials.

We do things a bit different, and we like it that way. All design and fabrication is completed by the two of us, in our humble workshop located in the lovely Prospect, TN.

We concentrate our efforts toward custom products and limited runs of specialty items.

You can find our wares at two galleries, located in Huntsville, AL (Tangled String Studio and The Switch House)

We also have an online store and an Etsy shop.

Drop Metal was started by and still continues to be run by two sole designers – Micah Gregg and Kacie Hodges.

We quit our day jobs, moved out to rural TN, and put everything on the line in order to pursue a dream of entrepreneurship.

We live a simple country life in balance with nature.

Micah has been working with metal for over 10 years, gaining experience from vocational school and a handful of retired metal gurus.

He studied Industrial Design and worked in the graphic and web industry until starting Drop Metal at the beginning of 2011.

Kacie is a textile aficionado with a focus on sustainable products and processes.

She runs our alpaca farm, as well as the back end of Drop Metal by handling all emails, marketing, and photography.

Luckily, she can also weld and handle a side grinder, which comes in handy when things gets busy around the shop.

When large sections of metal are cut at a large scale manufacturing facility, the discarded metal that drops to the ground is often referred to as “drop metal”

This is the source of our name and much of our medium. We continue to use as much drop and scrap material as possible.

Often, our best pieces come from the scraps lying around on the shop floor, put together on a whim.

We value clean design, rustic accents, simplistic materials, old world techniques and nothing less than craftsman quality.

We are always open to a challenge and strongly encourage collaborations.

Please contact us today if you’re interested in collaborating. We look forward to hearing from you!

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