Roosevelt and Co

Roosevelt and Company is a new men’s clothing store located here in Huntsville, AL. The store front is a build out of the bottom level of a parking garage off the main stretch of downtown Huntsville on Clinton Ave. They offer a casual side of the store featuring designer jeans, shirts, and accessories. They also have a more up scale side of the store offering tailored suits. They also have a corner of the store that is home to a barber shop.

While developing the brand, they wanted to run with an industrial feel using raw steel and concrete to tie into the parking garage past. The biggest piece was the cash bar. It was designed to look like a industrial metal bar but hold the computers and all the behind the scenes running of the store. We created the frame and face from hot rolled steel and used exposed rivets to get a real industrial feel. We poured a concrete upper counter top and a lower counter top. Then we finished out the back with some Red Oak shelves and drawers. It turned out to be an amazing and detailed piece.

We created this display table using a metal base welded from hot rolled steel rod in a random pattern. Then a 6ft diameter 1/2 thick piece of tempered glass was added to the top to create an original statement piece.

In the loft waiting area, we created this reclaimed wooden beam coffee table. The beam was pulled from a collapsed school house in Prospect, Tn with the help of my dad. It sat on blocks for a few years at my parents farm before I finally found a used for it on this one of a kind coffee table. We added a metal base and 1/2 thick piece of glass to finish out this piece.

We created a series of rolling hanging racks and shelving racks for moving around the store and showing off different merchandise.

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