Metal Globe Sculpture

Recently I was commissioned to create a metal globe sculpture. I broke down,bought a tubing roller, and few sets of dies. This simple tool pretty drastically expanded our fabrication capabilities. I can now roll perfectly round rings in all sorts of different size stock, even square tubing! The particular commissioned globe called for several 4 foot diameter rings for the main structure. After the base and holding arm was finally completed, the finished globe came in about 5 feet tall!

I created a few paper templates to get the scale of the continents perfect. Then I cnc plasma to cut the continents from 14 gauge. I finished this piece off by welding the continents the ring structure I had already created. I think it turned out really awesome! Now I just need to make a 12 foot diameter!

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email me-

Thanks for looking!









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