Customized Apartment Numbers… and so much more.

This morning we clear coated the final pieces of our biggest project to date. As we left the shop, we high-fived in celebration.

I took way too many progress photos throughout the past couple months. Here’s some of our favorites:

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236 Number Plaques

60 Stairs/Trash Signs

48 Glass Bottle Sundrops

28 Directional Signage Plaques

18 Channel Letters

15-Minute Timed Breaks

3-Arrow Customized Lobby Sign w/Stand

2-ish Month Deadline

One Really Big Project

_ _ _ _ _

Many thanks to our hard working intern, Matt/Matthew/Fencer Boy for all his help during this project.

Soon we will be posting photos of the installed signage. Many thanks to Erin Marshall for being so wonderful to work with.

We look forward to many more signage projects to come… please contact us if you’re interested in collaborating. We enjoy pushing the limits with metal design and fabrication. We look forward to hearing from you.

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