House Numbers

It seems that with something as simple as house numbers there would be many options out there? Guess again! It seems everyone gets the same house numbers in the same font in the same color from the same hardware store. Until now! Drop Metal is bringing house numbers to life in every way possible when we make them custom.

We have an ever growing font list, continually evolving color selections, and no size limitations! Want them distressed, no distress, or rusted? No Problem! Take a look at our custom page to see our fonts and colors.

Got a question or comment? Just send us a message to, we are quick responders! Or if you are ready to order send it in to

Be the envy of the street with the coolest house numbers on the block!


4 Responses to House Numbers

  1. J Mandelson says:

    I need the numbers 56 about 60mm high in aluminium plus the word Mail about 40 mm high (40mm cap) and and arrow say 100-140mm long all in al.

    Can you supply and if so what cost please?

  2. deana marconi says:

    HI! I’m looking for individual letters, and numbers. I would like them to be the same text, and height, around 6′ inches. color could vary. also considering cost.

    Thank you,

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