Beyond Neptune- Metal Wall Art Series

We recently unveiled a concept piece for our “Beyond Neptune” series. Created from 100% scrap steel, discarded washers, metal punches, and varying lengths of solid rod, it is truly a recycled masterpiece. We look forward to creating several more pieces similar to this one – if you would like a custom “Beyond Neptune” design, ¬†or any other type of metal wall art, please contact us for more information at

3 Responses to Beyond Neptune- Metal Wall Art Series

  1. I am interested in your beyond Neptune wall art. My basic questions are:

    1. Do you have pieces for sale?
    2. If so, please provide photos and dimensions.
    3. Also, provide pricing.
    4. If no pieces currently available, can you produce more. If so, can you provide photos of design concepts?

    Thank You, Paul Pasin

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